CRM Solutions for the Sports Industry


Ticket Sales & Service


StoneTimberRiver's ticketing modules are used by clients throughout all of major league sports. In addition to a centralized database for customer information, the software provides tools for lead discovery and generation, campaign management, sales tracking and routine customer touch points. Sales representatives and sales managers are able to evaluate performance through dashboard reports and varied analytical functionality. Solution administrators are provided with invaluable tools to assist with data management needs.

Suite Sales & Service


StoneTimberRiver covers the full cycle of a suite sale from securing client agreements to fulfilling on the contracts. Our solution gives users the ability to track leads, contracts, and invoices for single game, single event, and full suite leases. Key features of the suite module include a visualizer for real time availability, additional hospitality add-ons, payment information, and contract management. Dashboard reporting features allow for pipeline analysis and a full picture of suite sales performance.

Partnership Sales & Service


StoneTimberRiver has been the industry leader in Partnership Sales for 18 years. Our solutions give clients the ability to track opportunities, proposals, contracts, billing, and fulfillment. Key features of inventory management include inventory availability and asset valuations. Dashboard reporting features allow partnership sales representatives and managers to see a complete view of their corporate partners and corresponding sales initiatives.